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  Atlas Publishing House was established as one of the projects of Atlas Group for Commerce PLC. as of 1999.
The company specializes in publishing dictionaries as it did issue a group of dictionaries, known as “Atlas Dictionaries” that hit it big in the Arab World. Among these group was the first encyclopedic dictionary in the Arab world, “Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary”, followed by another group of dictionaries; i.e. Atlas Dictionary, Atlas Student Dictionary, Atlas Idioms Dictionary, Atlas Medical Explanatory Dictionary, and Atlas Medical Dictionary for scholars … etc.
These dictionaries were a huge success in Egypt and the Arab World. The publishing house cooperated with a group of university professors specialized in different languages in order to issue these dictionaries including:
  1. Dr. Fatma Saleh Sharaf (Senior English Lecturer, Ain Shams University).
  2. Dr. Laila Abdul Razeq Othman (Professor and Head of English Department, Azhar University).
  3. Dr. Trindel Hussein Al-Rakhawy (Phonetics Assistant Professor, Azhar University).
  4. Dr. Esam Fayez (English Phonetics Professor, Azhar University).
  5. Dr. Ghera’ Hussein Mehanna (Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University).
  6. Ms. Rania Mohammed Fathi Mohammed Abdo (French Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University).
  7. Ms. Inji Nabih Izaq Saleh (Assistant Professor at the French Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University).
  8. Ms. Rania Ali Mohammed Ali (Assistant Professor at the French Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University).
  9. Ms. Shahira Nabil Mohammed Abdul Rahman (Assistant Professor at the French Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University).

The publishing house has entered into an agreement with Innovations for Imports and Commercial Agencies in order to publish these dictionaries electronically exclusively on electronic devices with a registered trade mark “Expert Dictionary”, thereby becoming the first Egyptian and Arab publishing house ever to issue electronic dictionaries in the Arab world.


And in the year 2001 a new company named "Atlas for publishing and media production" was created, this company has been dedicated for publishing in the in general culture. This new company has started its activities with a distinct project, which is the audible publication. And it was for the first time in the Arab world. This was through the production of the audible collection of poems by the great poet Abdul Rahman Al Abnoudi, which has met a great success with Arab readers and audiences. And to be followed by the audible collection of poems by the poet Karim al Iraqi. Our publishing house has done cooperation with a big group of the Arab authors in Egypt and the world, for publishing their writings in a variety of fields. For example       


Dr. Samir Sarhan – Dr. Salah Fadl – Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashim –
Mr. Raja' Al nakash – The writer Yousuf Maaty - Dr.Sherifa Fadel -
Dr.Mustafa Abdel-Ghani .

The publishing house has published a group of youth writers, i.e. Mr. Omar Taher, which is on the top of the Arab best seller books during the last two years.
The chairman of the two publishing houses is the publisher Mr. Adel Al-Masry (Member of the administrative board for the Union of Egyptian Publishers, and Head of the Media Board in the union).