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Peoples Also Laugh


Peoples of the world experienced hard times and sever  crises, and problems are still being aggravated and complexities are still getting greater, but those peoples try ever to get rid of distresses and to release themselves from the restraints of discomfort and troubles, so that they try to get happiness even if for a moment through mountains of displeasure and discomfort.

There is a group of situations in the chapters of this book recorded by DR. Samir Sarhan with his deep thinking and clear vision and embodied with the mentality of the expert researcher to narrate to us with his sarcastic style his notices about the behaviors of people and societies in different situations and occasions.

He travels with us in an interesting journey to different parts of the world to know and realize how people can get pleasure and comfort in spite of their sufferings and pains so we find them awaiting for any happy occasion whether public or private to give parties and celebrations for long days and several nights.

They also try always to forget their real distress and neglect the injustice and tyranny they are subjected to by a group of unjust tyrants who impose their sovereignty and power all over the world!

Through these articles, the reader will recognize a group of funny events and situations that have different reactions led to unexpected results on the level of Egypt and the world. The reader will also know Dr. Samir Sarhan the interesting writer, who enjoys humor.

Code        :   977-399-015-x
Publisher :   Dr. Samir Sarhan
Pages Nho :   304 pages.
Size         :   1420 Cm