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Books Espionage Al-Moulazem Awal Dina Omar


First lieutenant Dina Omar


The First spy in the Whole World, Soldiered by her Husband so She Soldiered her Children Treason comes out of greed, ambition, love of money, self-weakness, weak of faith, absent of loyalty and relativity, seeking self-satisfaction and being the victim of whims. The human may find himself following the astray path slipping on the mud as a result of the absence of conscience in the moment of collapse. He usually tries to move his family and children out of this deserted way which is full of thorns and danger and it is enough what happen to him.  

So he will wait all alone for his dark destiny and future. However, in this issue we narrate the story of a miserable family didn’t find anything except treason to take it as a job. It didn’t find but the souls of the family and the relatives to kill and play with their fate. It didn’t find but their poor country, which sheltered and raised them, to conspirators and to dedicate all their efforts to damage its security, economy and the life of their innocent children.

However, as a result of this treason the future of this family broke. The father was executed, the children illegitimately ran away to Israel leaving the Islamic religion and taking Jewish as their religion. Thus, they live in shame and disgrace and are banished by all the Israeli people, the low and the upper classes despise them. The mother, in the age of sixty, lives as a servant in the houses of the Jew after ignored by every one because this is inevitably the end of each traitor and spy.

Code        :   977-399-022-2
Publisher :   Fareed Al-Falougy
Pages Nho :   272
Size         :   17 24 cm.