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 Raise the Roof, Inscriptions in Arabic Moasic


- You should start self-criticizing out of our interest in our presence as a value in this world. - Limiting ourselves to live in the past is one form of illusion. The coin has two sides; one emphasizes the constituents, principles and history of our civilization, and the other is concerned with activating this civilization. Otherwise this civilization would become like a laming duck in a world that reforms itself and ever changing.

 What we need now is a stance with our mind to recall all we've lost of constituents and principles of this civilization, first of which is the right of dialog, difference and participation in decision making and keeping human rights without being afraid of the obsession that this practice may bring upon us fear and sorrow.

Code        :   977-6081-79-7
Publisher :   Abd El-Lateef AL-Menywy
Pages Nho :   192
Size         :   0