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Witness on Non-Violence


Transformation of the Islamic Group in Egypt
The thoughts of the Islamic group obsessed most of our intention in Egypt and occupied most of our discussion as well. Are these people actually right or do they think that they are right?
They are an inseparable part of the nation, a group who made for themselves an effective part in the course of a lot of incidents.
The bad abuse of these people lead to great conflict between them and the authority in which there were lots of victims. After the beginning of the violent act of this group, a transformation in the thoughts of its members occurred.They turned from being opposing to the authority into a peaceful group want to co-exist with the society. But! Is this a real transformation resulted from a complete conviction? or are there any other reason?
This is what the author introduces in this book...

Code        :   977-399-009-5
Publisher :   Abd El-Lateef AL-Menywy
Pages Nho :   352
Size         :   2417 cm