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Coptics, Church or the Nation


The hardest thing ever on the father of the family is seeing his sons contradicting, conflicting, moved by malevolence and tensed. Furthermore, no one admits the rights of the others and eventually does not admit his duties towards the rest of them. This is the state of the Egyptian nation lately. The nation is complaining about her sons' injustice offense to it.
The Egyptian society with its different citizen both Moslems and Christians lived for a period of time in peace and satiability prevailed with fair and justice. Love was its title with no contradiction. However, the invisible hands planted the sedition seeds inside the sons of that united society and therefore hatred and conflict found a place. During history many reasonable people on both sides appeared and unite their words and all of them become one person so the appearance of the positive results, which turned back to the nations its stolen rights. On other period of times, personal interests and sole opinions emerges so the nation's security convulsed and its power distracted and here comes the great efforts to reestablish the inner stability instead of facing the painful outside attacks which humiliate the souls. In a trial to open the door to understand the facts and realize the results, the author made this expanded researches on the leaderships of both Muslims and Christians. He may reach out the truth and give the missing key that can unlock such a disagreement of our home, hoping to solve problems & differences… so that all may live in peace to well establish our home developments

Code        :   977-399-026-5
Publisher :   Abd El-Lateef AL-Menywy
Pages Nho :   271
Size         :   2417 cm