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Secret Memoirs and Documents of July Revolution


July Revolution is one of the few revolutions that evoked too much talk, discussion and argument. Opinions varied regarding this event since there were supporters and opponents, fair and exaggerating views. However, this great event stayed like towering mountains and sophists and the biased people hardly managed to undervalue it.
The circumstances which our Arab world experiences nowadays remind us with this brave revolution that unified the Arab decision and terrified the Zionistic leaders. Its echo deafened the ears of violating aggressors. The unity of Arab world was the most prominent basis and the most obvious picture of the Arab at that time since the majority of the Arab peoples supports the leader of the revolution, "Gamal Abdul Nasser" as they were convinced with his loyalty and sincerity to this nation.
This book contains a number of historical documents that reveal the reality of the revolution and highlight how much efforts were exerted by its leaders to rescue the Arab peoples from the claws of aggressors and tyrant and highlight effective roles of the revolution men in every place of the Arab land for replacing the negative freedom of which Arab peoples were deprived for successive periods over their long history.
If there are few disadvantages that led to existence of gaps, this does not mean demolishing the structure of revolution which restructured the region for its peoples interest, goodness and strength.

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