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Intercession In Islam


Talking about the intercession takes different directions. Some people want to deny its occurrence and legitimacy and they even present evidence to prove their idea. This book refutes these ideas with evidence from the Qura’n and apodictic proofs quoted from the prophet’s Sunnah (i.e. tradition). These evidences and proofs prove that the intercession will occur. This will falsify the denier’s point of view, disperse their confutation and allegation.
The author collected all the verses and Hadithes (i.e. the prophet’s sayings) which prove the occurrence of the intercession in the resurrection day. This won’t let any space for the claimers or the doubters and make everything clear to everybody.

Code        :   977-399-000-1
Publisher :   Ahmad Omar Hashem
Pages Nho :   80
Size         :   2417 cm