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The Soul In The Holy Quran


Allah, the All Mighty, is the Maker of the human soul. He, the All Mighty, wants it to follow a specific course to lead its owner to the right path.
However, the devil is waiting and he is decorating the lusts. Therefore, soul is divided into different kinds. There is the blaming soul which pushes its owner to do the good deeds and leave the bad deeds, the soul donating the bad deeds which tempts its owner to follow the devil’s path, and the tranquil soul which gives all its needs to God so it regains calmness and repentance.
In this book, you’ll find an explanation of these divisions represented by the author. This explanation is based on what the author collected from different analysis and explanations. He also offers some recommendations which help the Muslim to chasten and purify his soul from the profane devil and follow God’s path.

Code        :   977-399-002-8
Publisher :   Ahmad Omar Hashem
Pages Nho :   160
Size         :   2417 cm