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Lights of the Guidance of the Prophecy


The Muslim’s life in the world or in the Afterlife depends on how faithful he is to Allah, the All Mighty, and on his commitment to the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upn him.

What a joy the believer gains when he realizes this, commits himself to the prophet’sSunnah and avoid anything else.

This commitment guarantees a good life away from the devil’s temptations. It also puts him on the way towards the blessedness of the Afterlife which is set by Allah to the righteous worshippers.

This book shows to the Muslim a simple and good path to easily and quickly know what he gains and what he should give. This is to enjoy the hislife in this world and the eternal life as well.


Code        :   977-399-004-4
Publisher :   Ahmad Omar Hashem
Pages Nho :   244
Size         :   2417 cm