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Islamic Legislation

The Islamic legislation based on stable sources pouring in one source, the Spiritual inspiration. The main source is The Holey Qura’n, and then comes the Tradition of the Prophet, peace be upon him, as a second source in legislation and which elaborates and explains what is in the Holy Qura’n.   After these two main sources come the scientists’ unanimity, the fellowships saying, custom, analogy and etc. All of these sources are mentioned in details in this book. The legislation moves through these authorized and definite sources which guarantee that it is completely away from any anagoges and falseness.
In this book, there is a comprehensive clarification of Islamic legislation sources and its properties. This legislation which keeps rights, protects sanctity, lays the ethics and worth rules, emends the relationships among people in a frame of justice and fairness.

Code        :   977-399-001-x
Publisher :   Ahmad Omar Hashem
Pages Nho :   320
Size         :   2417 cm