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Books Media Teknologya Al-Etesaal Wa Mougtamaa Al-Ma`alomateyah


Communication Technology and Information Society


The few previous years witnessed a great change in the sphere of information since there was a kind of incorporation between the phenomena of information outburst and communication revolution which are dealing with telecommunication using the satellites and computers. The expression of information outburst appears to refer to the great change in the sphere of technology which includes all the spheres of human activity as it changes information production to a vast industry that can not be realized without trying to understand the great change in information production and technological revolution.
This scientific product seeks to help understand the sides of this vast industry of communication technology and informatics systems. Since the beginning of  the eighties, new powers and influences appeared that were effective in the sphere of international communication and communication policies which gave rise to many controversial issues appeared in the nineties like the  high-tech television and the increasing reliance on computers whether they were personal or institutional. The writer wishes that this book could contibute to spot light on the importance of communication technology and supporting the academic and research initiatives concerning dealing with controversies that arise from the phenomenon of information outburst and the revolution of communication technology toward what is called "Knowledge society".

Code        :   977-399-052-4
Publisher :   Hanan Yousof
Pages Nho :   192
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