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Books Media Al-E`alaam Wa Al-Seyaasah


Media and Politics, Correlation Approach


This book discusses the close associative relationship between the sciences of politics and information through discussing the science of politics and the concept of political systems and its different classifications. It discusses also different informative theories and systems that are closely associated with the development of political systems and its reflections.

The book tackles two practical samples for measuring the effective relationship between information and politics: the first is on the level of interior affairs and how the political trend of the citizen can be formed. The second sample discusses the effect of information on making foreign politics through the role of international information in forming the intellectual image of individuals and peoples which affect the resolutions and policies of the states towards those peoples.

It is enough for the reader to consider that the very important subject in this book tackles questions more than answers. This is the nature of the compositions that view the future on the basis of the readings of the past and coexistence with the present. This may encourage the reader to seek obtaining answers that reveals the more and probe the depths of this sensitive interactive relationship between information and politics which can be described as the relationship between the honey and the bee. However the question is whichever represents the honey and whichever represents the bee?!!

Code        :   977-399-053-2
Publisher :   Hanan Yousof
Pages Nho :   176
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