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Books Media Al-E`alaam Fe Al-Mouasasat Al-Talemeya Wa Al-Tarbaweya


Media in Educational Organizations


Information and education are considered one of the most important factors for reforming the minds and for mobilizing the affection in anyway.
There is a close relationship between information and education for both are synonyms to each another.

It is worrying that both informational and educational systems suffer from shortcomings in applying and using them in a way that they can be a real force in flourishing the communities.

In this book, the reader will find two basic chapters; the first deals with information as an educational means in the educational institutions and as an educational project through educational radio, television, their most important goals, the ways of dealing, and producing the lessons derived from that.

The second chapter discusses an important subject that has not been a subject of research or application in the Arab societies before, despite the growing interest in it on the level of the developped countries; this topic is the school educational information, the latest developments of journalism and school broadcast, its most important and striking kinds, the information arts used for enlightening the students, discovering their talents, and contributing to promote the instructional and educational process in schools and universities. 

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Publisher :   Hanan Yousof
Pages Nho :   192
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