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Manifestations of Violence


This book shows types of violence resulted from special philosophies and ideas, as some philosophers had regarded violence as a natural right of the human to self-preservation, it is the right of everyone to practice all his power in his behaviors and actions whether in legal or illegal ways to; for he believes in the legalization of power use! But the majority reject such methods and call for renounce violence and respect the right of the other, and prove that violence is non-rational behavior which wastes the dignity of the human and degrades his humanity.
The book demonstrates views of philosophers regarding the analysis of violence phenomenon in the past and present, and the role of human nature in feeding it with selfishness and the rejection of the others, it explains at the same time some charters that intellectuals claim to remove this phenomenon and activation the culture of rights of the other.


Code        :   977-399-086-9
Publisher :   Esam Abd Allah
Pages Nho :   80
Size         :   0