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The virtue of tolerance is a moral principle that must cover behaviors between people in all kinds of dealings.
The followers of tolerance approach renounce fanaticism and violence, and take side with  forgiveness and simplification of matters proceeding from a real vision for the reality and long run foreseeing for the future, but not proceeding from weakness or humiliation.
The book discusses the ways of implantation of the principle of tolerance, and how scholars and intellectuals taught this principle in different societies and worked on to founded it on principles and rules to be one of the necessties of social life, as human always tend to commit mistakes, so if tolerance didn't prevail between them, hatred and hostilities will have the upper hand on the behaviors of individuals, thus the circle of disunity and difference will be expanded between all, and communities become rival and unfriendly never know safety nor stability in any field of life, we didn't created on the land for this purpose, on the contrary we were created to establish elegant societies which love and harmony spread everywhere.

Code        :   977-399-087-7
Publisher :   Esam Abd Allah
Pages Nho :   80
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