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Harmonious Systems in Aesthetics of Islamic Art



Islamic geometric art is one of the most fantastic arts throughout history. Its lines characterized with beautiy and cooardination. Its shapes characterized with attractiveness and elegance. Islamic art was affected by different cultures that mingled with in its various conquests in east and west. These innovations apparently clear in such distinguished shapes which used in treatment of roofs of domes, walls of mosques and different buildings.
Geometric shapes are appeared with modifications, aesthetic touches and harmonized structures that lead to the diversity of shapes of decorations which appeared in its finest shape in Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in addition to a set of minarets, other domes and palaces in Islamic towns and capitals.
The book illustrates methods that artist uses to utilize units technically and aesthetically, using illustration and explanation methods of a group of  principles, concepts and relations that deepen the sensation and visual perception of decorative designs in Islamic art. This book is regarded as a comprehensive encyclopedia in studying this beautiful art.

Code        :   977-399-084-2
Publisher :   Ahmad Abd EL-Kareem
Pages Nho :   224
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