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·    Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary contains 1573 pages supported by colored illustrations. Each page has three columns of words which makes Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary one of the biggest Arabian and global dictionaries.

 ·    Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary is an unprecedented encyclopedic dictionary that gives a hand to the user taking him to more than the meaning of the word; it's the book that can give the answer to the questions that demand the user to search in so many English and American books and dictionaries; whether monolingual, bilingual or dictionaries of synonyms, antonyms, specialized dictionaries and others.       

 ·    Characteristics of this dictionary:

 Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary contains more than 69 specialties providing the user with the knowledge he needs thanks to the specialties the dictionary includes. Among these are: 

 ·    The word and its meaning

·    How to pronounce the word

·    The type of the word

·    The origin of the word

·    The conjugations of verbs

·    The irregular plurals of nouns

·    Comparative and superlative adjectives

·    The correct way of writing

·    The derivatives of words

·    Synonyms

·    Antonyms

·    Explanatory examples for phrasal verbs and idioms

·    Order of the most commonly used words

·    English grammar

·    Punctuation

·    Conjugation of irregular verbs

·    International abbreviations

·    Maxims and proverbs

·    Flags of different countries

 Therefore, when you are going to use Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary, you are going to have all the branches of English language before you.

Code        :   977-6075-03-7
Publisher :   Committee
Pages Nho :   1600
Size         :   2026 cm