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Atlas dictionary contains the main data that any user may need. So, it comes out in a medium size; not as big as the encyclopedic, or as small as the regular Atlas Dictionary. As such, it could be used anywhere, especially in classes – the main reason behind issuing this dictionary. The medium size of the dictionary did not compromise the main data that must be included. We've just removed some additions and details that the user may not be in bad need to, and whose discovery could be delayed until they are looked up in encyclopedic dictionaries at home, office, or university libraries. In addition, there are some artistic aspects which made this dictionary medium in size and weight.  Atlas Dictionary has the same advantages of Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary as is shown below:

·    The word and its meaning

·    How to pronounce the word

·    The type of the word

·    The origin of the word

·    The conjugations of verbs

·    The irregular plurals of nouns

·    Comparative and superlative adjectives

·    The correct way of writing

·    The derivatives of words

·    Synonyms

·    Antonyms

·    Explanatory examples for phrasal verbs and idioms

·    Order of the most commonly used words

·    English grammar

·    Punctuation

·    Conjugation of irregular verbs

·    International abbreviations

·    Maxims and proverbs

Therefore, Atlas Dictionary was issued mainly to meet the needs of researchers and students in all fields as it contains all the main information that the user needs everywhere.

Code        :   977-6075-02-9
Publisher :   Committee
Pages Nho :   1710
Size         :   17 × 24 cm.