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Books Literary Criticism Be`aar Al-Nas

Text Wells Deconstructive Readings in Modernism Poetry :


On the track of literary life in our Arabic society, there are landmarks appeared which excited emotions and wakened conscience … enlightened the darkness of nights, implant sterile deserts and fill empty souls.
 These landmarks were scattered between north and south of Arabism, between its east and west. Although houses were distant, fates were near ... thoughts were harmonized and contents were agreed. And emerged from depths an idea of emergence a ray which pulse with aspiration of an Arabic project.            
 We feel from far or touch from near these emotions fill the fields of literary creation with the abstract of its experience, extract of its views, flood of its talent, great deeds of its wisdom, and flow of its jealousy on its people and homeland.

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Publisher :   Dr. Emad Haseeb Mohamed
Pages Nho :   237
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