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Skills of Daily Relationships


This book gives an answer for the most difficult question in your life: What I shall do when !!!? In each stage of our life we need to the trustworthy adviser who never makes us feel with weakness or regret for our deeds, he never blames us for not following instructions and rules ... that trustworthy adviser differs according to different stages of life itself, so the adviser of youth differs from the adviser of children and old ... the adviser of woman differs from the adviser of man, husband, father and son ... the adviser of employee, worker and teacher differs from the adviser of manager, trader and student. This trustworthy adviser represents woman that we see ourselves in her without frills to be able simply and easily to adjust the track, improve the image and achieve the best results.

Code        :   978-977-399-266-8
Publisher :   Sherif Salah
Pages Nho :   304
Size         :   0