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Design Systems of Visual Arts


This book presents a set of simplified critical searches of some issues regarding design systems of visual arts, starting from the role of preparatory drawings, its sources, importance and its constructive role in visual thinking at the beginning of the design of decorative boards and walls. It highlights the purposive and impulsive behaviour of the designer, its relationship with design surface, extract constructive principles at design, performing furnishings art in designed spaces and the role of contemporary thought in design.
The book displays and analyzes an art of Egyptian heritage represented in the Tomb of Thutmose III of modern state, and finding the organic relationship between ideological concept and design of symbols and signs semiotic.
This books indicates on applying the spirit of mind for all works which the designer do, for this spirit is an aesthetic coin which responsible for raising the ability of people to taste aesthetics. So the designer will regain all love and respect in Arabic society. 

Code        :   978-977-399-256-9
Publisher :   Dr. Ahmed Abdelkariem
Pages Nho :   202
Size         :   0