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Artistic Playing for the Child


The book treats the artistic playing for the child and how to utilize different types of artistic playing in some aritsitc fields like paper folding, synthesis of raw materials, printing, modeling pastes and using them to make simple artistic practical applications that children can utilize them in their everyday life. In addition to using artistic playing in making toys used by children in their representative play as artistic playing is a medium for mimicry and part of imaginary playing ... such applications which children apply themselves and by the help of mother and she-teacher through providing simple raw materials available in local environment that connect children with their environment and achieve desirable educational goals.
This book is directed to all concerned with the field of education of the child:
- Mother
- Child-care institutions
- She-teachers of kindergartens and primary schools
- Art education teachers
- Faculties of kindergartens and art education
- Concerned persons of teaching aids of art education activities.

Code        :   978-977-399-266-8
Publisher :   Dr. Lamis Al Tony
Pages Nho :   304
Size         :   0