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Books Alternative Medicine AlTeeb AlBadeel - Ma Howa ? - Wa Ma Anwaeuh ?


Series of Alternative Medicine… What is it? What are its kinds?



This book was prepared for you .. the person who wants to reach with his health to save side .. must tame his habits and know that practices  determine the features of habits  but they are habits themselves, so it is necessary and inevitable to choose the best for what the person eats and drinks. He has no choice except to return to the nature as Allah - Glory be to Him - created.
Natural food products of all kinds and natural medical herbs in harmony between them by scientific methods stand side by side with accurate diagonisis of all what the person suffers, so they are the save haven to reach the save side, it is the foremost protection and medicine.

Code        :   977-399-063-x
Publisher :   Dr. Abdelsallam El Esh
Pages Nho :   128
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