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Books Alternative Medicine AlTeeb AlBadeel - AmRaad AlKebd Wa AlGhaz AlHadmee

 Series of Alternative Medicine .. Liver Diseases and Digestive System


Liver diseases in Egypt .. come at the forefront of diseases which Egyptians suffer from. Unfortunately, Egypt has the   highest rate of viral hepatitis in the world. In addition to the spread of such disease in many Arab and non-Arab countries.
So the motive behind the preparation of this book is to supply the reader with answers on enquiries that he/she wants to know about hepatitis whether on: Liver, food of liverish, are there medical herbs benefit in the treatment of liver diseases? and disease that infected liver and their causes, how infection occurs, modes of transmission and many other topics

Code        :   977-399-064-8
Publisher :   Dr. Abdelsallam El Esh
Pages Nho :   112
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