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Books Autobiography Silent Crying ; Psychological Study on the Tears of Famous and Great Persons

Silent Crying 

Psychological Study on the Tears  of Famous and Great Persons


Crying is an expression appears on the human face in difficult conditions which he faces as a result of facing dire accident, sorrowful situation, or losing ones dear. He may usually appear steadfast before crises, but he sometimes collapsed and his courgeness failed him, consequently his tears poured out without feeling.
In this book we present different samples of famous persons who couldn't hide their tears , so they poured their tears publicaly and their weakness became apparently clear which they frequently tried to hide from people.
This book collects some facts from history before forgotten in order to remember and acknowledge the last end of everything.

Code        :   977-399-007-9
Publisher :   Farid Al Falouji
Pages Nho :   176
Size         :   0