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  Status of Iraq

These words are uttered from a depressed heart. It wants to express a bitter fact in which our Arab country live which is Iraq. Sentences are going out chanting for a great history, talking about an old people, calling hearts which live in a cunning world and talking to minds which are overtaken by the challenges of the arrogant. It wants to wake up the chivalry of the youth and to extract mercy in women hearts.

  The poet feels that there is no effective act, a final opinion or an action enrages the occupiers and all what he heard is lamentation. Darkness is getting longer and dawn is getting farther but there are still hopes that the sleep will wake up to enlighten the lights of dignity and bride and the lost will come back to his mother after weakened by deserts and getting no sleep for farness.

  What makes this work so beautiful and deep is the strong language, powerful style and the profound religion which our talented poet has. So the objective meaning came in a chanted picture which pleases the soul.

Code        :   977-399-033-8
Publisher :   Tamim El-Barghouthy
Pages Nho :   80
Size         :   2014 cm