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Books Autobiography From The Land of Two Holy Mosques

From The Land of Two Holy Mosques

If the talk about Sheikh Abdulaziz Altwigery is a source of loftiness to anyone, we have honor to to present these warm thoughts and words written by Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashim. He displays some situations that our grand Sheikh experienced. In addition he sheds light on tasks of His Eminent Sheikh that he assumed in and out the Kingdom, his role in charitable efforts that he exerted with pleased soul and with a continuous attention to be pure for the sake of Allah's Face -Glory be to Him -
So the establishments he founded to serve science and religion  were multiplied and aids provided to needy were increased.
The talk about Sheikh and his deeds never come to end and they are too difficult to be enumerated.. We pray to Allah to make his deeds in the scale of his good deeds and forgive him.

Code        :   977-399-097-4
Publisher :   Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashim
Pages Nho :   64
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