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Books Story And Novel Battawi IN English Countries

Battawi IN English Countries

It was fated to that upper Egyptian and stableman (Pattawi)  to start unprecdented experiment in English countries. During this amazing,  interested and difficult journey he faced many horrors and conflicts, which he was capable to overcome them all in easy, simple and innovative manner. But suddenly he faces uncommon surprise when fates obliged him to go to America as it led him before to Britain. He finds himself confronting things can not be imagined by anyone. In these interesting and continuous actions that are full of useful information as nontraditional and unique person in his confrontation to difficulties and in his dealing with others. He is a good example full of vitality and transcendental determination that we try to present it to our Egyptian and Arabic reader as the hero of this work confronts at the end of his journey the impossible itself in America. The final result will be surely amazing to the reader when he reads this interesting work.

Code        :   978-977-399-200-2
Publisher :   Ahmed Al Hajin
Pages Nho :   320
Size         :   0