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 Love in The Age of Botox

Never mind, mum , fax, faxan, don't care, don't worry .. it is a term that I usually listen from my children ..
Every time I talk to them about anything or problem they say, (never mind, Mum)!! sometimes I accept and agree with them and follow their way, and sometimes I can't be never minded for the person can not be never minded all the time, so what is the benefit of life.
As they want us to be never minded most of the problems, they shall care, solve and be open-minded in many things.
Since their lives become more practical and full of technology .. as technology is important, dealings  and interaction with subjects are in general more important.. I found myself talk like them as I seat with them frequently, and it is likely to stop seating with them too much!



Code        :   978-977-399-186-1
Publisher :   Mr. Jihad Al Tabei
Pages Nho :   152
Size         :   0