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 That is My Mind


A human being makes his world .. makes his pleasure .. instead of regreting disloyalty or loneliness and emptiness, and instead of waiting someone to bring happiness to him, we shall bring happiness by ourselves and be a source of pleasure for surrounding people..
So, I choosed the white color and pray to Allah to be moved from my clothes to my heart and soul and becomes a light spot that shines my life and lives of people surrounding me.
As life is moments and stations .. moments raise us to the sky and others produce pains .. stations add to us and others take from us ..
Among these and those moments, I wrote my thoughts, impressions, situations I witnessed and cities I visited.
I expressed myself and what is going in my mind, and that is my mind.

Code        :   978-977-399-224-6
Publisher :   Aalaa Ali
Pages Nho :   104
Size         :   0