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Books Children and Bringing Up The Immune System

The Immune System.

A miscellaneous series, discusses different branches of science and culture .. characterized with simplicity of sentences and eloquence of writing, with full coverage with illustrative pictures and explanatory graphics. It is directed to middle age from 9 to 16 years.
Each part of this series handles a special topic, studying it from all sides in attractive style, like a story or narrative that leads the reader to the stage of understanding and perception of the topic background. 
The series aims to simplify scientific material and modeling it in an interesting style away from ambiguity to be well-established in the mind and becomes a strong ground to establish the scientific structure that we hope for our dear sons to achieve development and advancement for our darling Arabic nation.

Code        :   977-399-020-6
Publisher :   Mohammed Sabry
Pages Nho :   80
Size         :   0