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Ethics and Aesthetic Values in Gulf Education

The concept of value in general is one of the concepts that attract the attention of many researchers and specialists in different fields and specializations, such as philosophy and education, pscychology, etc.
Ethics and Aesthetic values come among the foundations of individual and society building, as they produce integration and coordination in the context of pursuit towards cultural development.
The development of ethics and aesthetic values and the attempt to implant them in the students by curricula is one of the local channel that must attain the attention of the researchers.
 One of those who discussed this important issue is the author of this book. She clarified that ethics values are one of necessary pillars of community cohesion and aesthetic values are not less important than them, as they regulate the thinking, coordinate the taste and induce the person to self-discipline,  behavior and look for every beautiful and elegant in the life

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Publisher :   Dr. Khadijah Ahmed Hassan Al Shamasi
Pages Nho :   256
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