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Men and Women on Skytrain


  The Novel art is the representation of some people to an incident whether real or imagined but doesn’t break the limit of reality and possibility.

  He pictures the comic or sad incidents and describes the cleverness and laziness. If the incident, that he describes, are serious and the characters from the first class, the work will be called a tragedy.

  If the work is sarcastic and describing the image of the public life with its defects, it will be called comedy. But if he joined tragedy with comedy or the incidents were serious but the characters were from public class, this is the tragedy or the drama of the current age. 

  That is what the author tries to personalize in the lines of this book by examining a lot of different kind of novels and stories written by a group of artist and dramatist. He criticizes and analyzes these works in an interesting way that pleases the reader or the listener, moves his attention and relates them with the story or the novel.

Code        :   977-6081-88-6
Publisher :   Mohamad Barakat
Pages Nho :   352
Size         :   0