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Books Woman Circumstances of Women in Disloyalty and Loyalty


Circumstances of Women in Disloyalty and Loyalty


The book presents a number of loyal women and mentions the good situation which cites their sacrifice and their loyalty. This is the good model which every female should follow to win the love and appreciation of every one.

  The book also handles a number of the followers of the devil who represent the worst model and don’t care for the morals and principles. They are dominated by selfishness and grudges as they were the mate of destruction and ruin which fall on their family and the surrounding society.

  The book gathers the good model which we should follow and the bad model which deserves contempt and disdain. It might be a lesson and model to make our women straighten on the good behavior.

Code        :   977-399-041-9
Publisher :   Mohamad Barakat
Pages Nho :   240
Size         :   2417 cm