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Books Healthy Nutrition Series of Nutrition and Health Mental State - Part 3



Series of Nutrition and Health
Mental State - Part 3


This book discusses the ideal methods of nutrition that help a person to improve his psychological state whether in regard with the type of food or the time of having food. In addition, different state requires different types of foods.

  Some foods relieve stress and resist suppression. Other types help us get rid of worry and insomnia and more and more psychological illnesses that man experiences in some circumstances of his life. This book comes to explain all these respects and replies to all inquiries of readers regarding this critical problem.

  As usual in this series, the information comes in a simplified form either in the form of a question and answer or from quick shots that the reader grasps easily and smoothly to understand what is needed to be done for a stable psychological state.

  Through this series, the author wishes to present the extract of researches and studies in order for the reader to benefit from all exerted efforts.

Code        :   977-399-035-4
Publisher :   Sherifa Abo El-Fotouh
Pages Nho :   96
Size         :   0