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Books Healthy Nutrition Series of Nutrition and Health Epiderm and Skin - Part 4


Series of Nutrition and Health
Epiderm and Skin - Part 4



  The general shape of the skin is the reflection of health inside the body.. Sound body free of diseases has tender and soft complexion.. Sick body has dark rough complexion in some areas and pale complexion in other areas. it is not regularly streamlined in addition to existence of some obvious syndromes such as dispersed pimples, profound bores, painful inflammations and other syndromes that appears on man's skin.

  Therefore, a person should have a good appearance that gives good impression about that person.
In addition, mother should care for daughter's complexion since young age to properly grow up in a way that does not make them shy when they grow up.

  This book shows many ways of taking care of skin and the best method of nutrition and food stuffs that help build healthy skin which has the ability to resist diseases.
Methods of complexion care vary according to the kind of complexion itself; whether it is greasy, dry or combination kinds. These methods vary with every age stage, the gender (male or female) in addition to precautions that a person should take to protect their skin and treat diseases that may occur to it.

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Publisher :   Sherifa Abo El-Fotouh
Pages Nho :   96
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