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Books Healthy Nutrition Series of Nutrition and Health Addiction - Part 5



Series of Nutrition and Health
Addiction - Part 5


  If parents should provide their children with all methods of care and attention and pave the ways ensuring their soundness and psychological and health security, protecting them from falling in the trap of health risks is one of top priorities of parents' duties.
This book discusses foods that help the youth to protect themselves against falling in the trap of addiction leading to the worst consequences and a flood of problems that does not stop.

  The book provides a number of foods that help treat phenomena caused by states of addiction; whether smoking, alcohols or drugs. These foods may assist in completely giving up this state of addiction.
The book includes a lot of guidelines and advice that should be followed in order to avoid addiction and its risks.
The dominant style of the book is presenting a quick piece of information and the question and answer method to communicate this piece of information to the reader easily and quickly, and consequently ensuring a better and quicker understanding.

  This book is characterized by its simple style and is rich in its material.. Hopefully, this book will be a small window through which parents can view the best ways to protect their children in order to bring up sound generations away from all what cause their life to be disturbed.

Code        :   977-399-035-4
Publisher :   Sherifa Abo El-Fotouh
Pages Nho :   96
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