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  300 Questions in Healty Nutrition



This book combines experience with science, it is designed to simplify a great quantity of nutritional information idicated inside the book.
The most important is to apply these instructions in our life in positive way..
I avoid using difficult terms to keep the simplicity of method, so that the information can be absorbed in simple way, as they modeled in question and answer form will enable the reader to understand them, I also worked on to find answers for all questions related to nutrition that may come to reader's mind.. I dedicate this book to all concerned persons with health who want to have proper healthy weight, want to avoid diseases by strengthening the immune system by nutrition .. Also for all who suffer from chronical diseas or diseases of this age (Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypertension ..) and want to know proper diet, in addition to proper nutrition for children.
I hope this book to be a new reference guide in the world of  nutrition.

Code        :   978-977-399-259-5
Publisher :   Sherifa Abo El-Fotouh
Pages Nho :   384
Size         :   0