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Books Espionage Horas El-haykal - El-Khatf " Part 1"

 Guards of the Temple - Kidnapping; part 1


Israel state was never to be established except by the evil ways and vice means adopted by a band of Jews without deterrent conscience or moralities.. The base upon which the state of Israel was established is the intelligence agencies, the alliance of treason, and the actions of robberies of other countries.

In this book the author speaks about some of their terrorist attacks and their provocative plans against any one against  them in opinion or try to show their realty. This beside that some groups and governors use them as pirates to get rid of their opponents.. The author has discussed in details a number of the kidnappings, hijackings and robberies of strategic goods, and other kinds of their attempts to destroy, damage, and harm the life of others.. This book gives a lot of information for any one wants to know about the criminal state called Israel.

Code        :   977-6081-69-x
Publisher :   Fareed Al-Falougy
Pages Nho :  
Size         :   17 24 cm.