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Books Espionage Horas El-haykal - Al-Eghtiyalat" Part 2"


Guards of the Temple - Assassinations; part 2


Israel was never to take any honest way or to move in the light of the day. It has accepted to use deception at its arm, treason as a method to terror the world.

These ways are its chosen ways to enforce the world to submit and surrender to its vicious and nasty desires. Israelis has a habit since long time, which is to assassinate any one try to establish the justice and have ambition to respect and dignity, and even they intend to assassinate any one help this kind of honest people! To reach these dirty goals Israel has done so many assassinations, it has made so sophisticated plans where it has used all the means under the principle "the end justifies the means", and it has tempted its agents by lavishly spending on them to assassinate leaders, scientists, or responsibles.

Israel has used even prostitutes to trap some Arab villains to spy for Israeli Mossad, and other different means to get rid of any patriotic person who can cause annoyance for this criminal gang of Jews, who has some of their grand parents distorted into pigs and monkeys.

In this book, the author speak about some of the most important assassinations of famous people, and how Israelis have made its plans and carried it out with no mercy.

Code        :   977-399-042-7
Publisher :   Fareed Al-Falougy
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Size         :   17 24 cm.