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Guards of the Temple - Scandals; part 3


The Israel Mossad has surrounded itself with an enclosure of lies about its great ability to do whatever it wants to do at anywhere in the world, and under any circumstances. This was till the point that it has terrified many countries in the world. Some corrupted regimes tried to satisfy the Mossad to benefit from its abilities to reach their dirty goals. But the realty says the opposite to this, as there are some many cases where the Mossad abilities have failed and Israel state hasn't anything back except frustration and thunderous scandals.

In this book the author presents true realities refute the Israeli claims, which declaim about its giant intelligence agency. The Mossad was never to have its reputation without its immoral actions to spoil consciences of its spies. The myth about Israeli intelligence was made by a group of biased people came out to be a deceptive illusion. This intelligence agency was trapped naively in so many times by someone like goats shepherd or by a woman when she wakes up form her sleeping by luck! Moreover, there are other cases of failure for the Israeli inelegancy on the hands of the Palestinian commandos or Arabian inelegancies!

All countries, friends or enemies, has suffered from the Israeli mean actions and the scurrilous behaving of this state. But unfortunately, we see Israel defended in some communities which have no care for moralities or human respect and dignity… We leave the reader with the pages of the book to let him know these dramatic situations.

Code        :   977-399-042-7
Publisher :   Fareed Al-Falougy
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Size         :   17 24 cm.