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My Story With the Mossad;
Memoirs of Alexandria Spy


Home safety is the responsibility of honest citizens.. Patriotism is the responsibility of the sincere and nobles.. This responsibility results great duties on shoulders of any one who lived and grown up in this home, anyone nourished from its land, respired its air, and sensed warmth on its land and between its arms.

In so many times we have seen loyal examples of those who have made great sacrifices to protect their homeland, and they were happy to lose their lives to keep away any harm touching the soil of its dearly loved land. May be we all know the beautiful call (We die.. We die.. Live the home).

But – with great sadness - in few times a straying type, tempted by the devil, come to appear and they hurt this home, they give a hand of help to the enemy which use it in crushing, running and destruction of their nation. These tempted group must have a fate of being known, and to come out of their nasty hiding places to have the punishment they deserve in this life, and woe for them in the hereafter for the mean deeds they have done for the sake of a handful of money to be spent on a prostitute or some drugs and different other things, which show that they have a died conscience and a spirit of evil.

This book presents an example of one of those corrupted people to be a lesson for everyone, and to inform all the sons of this nation about the fate of any villainous betrayer.

Code        :   977-6081-97-6
Publisher :   Fareed Al-Falougy
Pages Nho :   144
Size         :   17 24 cm.