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Coup de Grace
Last Moments in the Life of the Spies



Throughout all times, nations has suffered from the arrows of treason by a stray group of its sons, who hasn't kept any commitment or care for their people, a group who decided to go astray while they were able to be guided, they caused death to some of their people, they made their homes state the bitterness of treason, and they were worthy of curse and they deserved contempt and disgrace. 








The interest and protection of the homeland is more sublime to be compared with anything, it is worthy to sacrifice every thing for it and without any hesitation, and the one give his life for its sake.


If people has got the habit to be proud of its sons who has gave their lives to sacrifice their homeland, and it perpetuate them in pages of glory in its history. But the history cannot hide traitors, who has betrayed their home to reach an inclination or an evil pleasure that has made their heart have no mercy and they have lost all the feelings of loyalty and belongingness inside them.





In this book the author present stories of a group of spies come from different nationalities and with different circumstances, just one thing gather them, it's their villainous proposes which has led them to their misfortuned fate which is waiting anyone think about trying this villainous experience, at this time they have to blame just themselves as they have ashamed them selves and their families and anyone who know them!!


The author explains in his book how the end of them was and how they were discovered to public, and how they were executed, as this is the end of any betrayer.

Code        :   977-6081-93-2
Publisher :   Fareed Al-Falougy
Pages Nho :   256
Size         :   17 24 cm